Joint Ventures

Our company runs spatial analytics to identify subdivisible sites across NSW that have minimal constraints with high prospects of achieving development consent from Council. We fund subdivision developments on behalf of the owner if we deem that your site is located in an established area with developable potential to be subdivided for a consumer to purchase. We have identified that your site is likely to be suitable for subdivision if you have received a letter from our company. Therefore you may be presented with an opportunity to enter a joint venture with us to intensify your property and increase its value. Our process for entering and completing a development under a Joint Venture structure includes the following:

Feasibility Study

A detailed Feasibility Assessment and Concept Subdivision Plan will be prepared to understand the constraints and opportunities prescribed from Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP). If there are also no significant then we will proceed with formulating an estimated cost breakdown of the proposed development and proceed with drafting a contract that is feasible for both parties.


Acceptance of Contract

A contract for a joint venture will be offered for you to review.

Caveat Over the Property

A caveat will be made over your property which gives us the right, power or privilege over the property. When Developable is funding the development, a caveat is required so that Developable can preserve their interest in a property which may be in the name of the other party. This forms the partnership of the Joint Venture.


Coordinate Consultants

In addition to our expertise, we will formally engage the professional consultants to prepare the documentation required for a Development Application (DA) for Council to assess.

Lodge Development Application (DA)

The documentation prepared from the professional consultants will be lodged to Council.


Gain DA Approval

Council will assess the application and issue a development consent which is formally known as an approved Notice of Determination.

Obtain Construction Certificate

We would then obtain a Construction Certificate by demonstrating compliance with the conditions of the development consent.


Carry Out Works (Construct)

Construction will commence in accordance with the development consent and approved plans.

Apply for Subdivision Certificate

An application for a Subdivision Certificate will be made to Council.


Register New Lot with State Government

Upon gaining a Subdivision Certificate, the new Lot will be registered with the State Government.

Retain/Sell the New Allotment

The new allotment will be sold or retained in accordance with the terms of the Joint Venture contract.


Remunerate Developable as Per the Agreed Contract

Developable becomes remunerated in accordance with the terms accepted in the Joint Venture contract.

Remove Caveat Over the Property

The caveat over the property will be removed with all right, power or privilege over the property returned to the owner.


Developable is a client focused town planning and property development consultancy that specialises in local government solutions. We provide advice and reports to increase the likelihood of gaining development consent through local government and assist clients source new development sites through our spatial technology. 

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