The Constraint Analysis Plan will help you visualise how much of the property you can build on, and will include controls such as:

  • Setbacks from boundaries and trees
  • Indicative subdivision layouts 
  • Maximum building envelope
  • Parking layouts
  • Topography data to work out stormwater disposal
  • Potential overshadowing
  • Maximum floor area

And more depending on the type of development.

This includes a summarised version of all the applicable State Policies and Local Controls that apply to the site. 

This report will assist the consultants such as the Architect with designing the development at DA stage.

A breakdown of the cost of the development from start to finish including, consultant fees, road construction, civil costs, Council contribution fees and more.

Fixed Fee Structure

No Hidden or Additional Fees

Each Service can be Requested Seperately

  1. The client must return the acceptance form prior to the commencement of any work where they hereby agree to the terms outlined in this fee proposal.
  2. Prices subject to GST.
  3. Payment for the provision of the Development Feasibility is required prior to the release of the final document and for all other work within 14 days of date of invoice.
  4. A deposit of 20% must be paid upon engagement. The final payment for the All Inclusive package is to be made prior to the lodgement of the application with Council.
  5. Whilst at all times endeavouring to ensure approval of your proposal, our support of the development is in no way to be interpreted as an assurance that consent for the development will be forthcoming. The ultimate determination of an application relies upon a subjective assessment of the proposal, the outcome of which can never be guaranteed.