Spatial Services

The most lucrative deals in property development are commonly found off-market and are usually not listed on websites such as or We assist in finding you a number of sites with development potential that fit your criteria and budget through spatial analytics. Our company filters property and planning data from the NSW Government to assist our clients find the most feasible development sites.

Whether your next project is a subdivision splitter, senior’s housing development, boarding house, dual occupancy or the like, we have the tools to help find your ideal site.

Stop wasting hours searching for development sites

Are you over looking through real estate websites with no success in finding a development site? If so, you may want to try our spatial analytics.

Tell us what you're after

Are you looking for a site where you can subdivide, build townhouses or apartments etc? In a specific area? Without planning Constraints? We got you.

We'll identify sites that meet your criteria (for sale & off-market)

We'll run an algorithm that will filter out the properties that meets your criteria.

Example: Rural Cluster Subdivision in The Hills Shire Council


A client has requested Developable to identify development sites within The Hills Shire Council that can facilitate a ‘Rural Cluster’ Community Title Subdivision. 


Developable undertakes a review of the applicable planning instruments and planning controls to identify what the eligible criteria is for sites that are suitable for this development, in this instance: 

  • Be zoned ‘RU2 – Rural Landscape’ or ‘RU6 – Transition’
  • The site is mapped as containing biodiversity
  • The site is greater than 10 hectares in size

Other considerations we must factor include:

  • Creating asset protection zones to prevent bushfire damage (BAL-29)
  • 60% of the site will be dedicated as the ‘community lot’
  • Must have a frontage of 60m to a public road
  • The site must be capable of creating three allotments
  • Each ‘development lot’ must be between 0.4 Ha and 1 Ha in size
  • One ‘development lot’ can be created per 2 Ha of area


We use analytics to remove properties in The Hills Shire that:

  • Are not located within the RU2 or RU6 zone
  • Less than 10 Ha in size
  • Owned by the Crown, State Government or Council
  • Sites that are already developed
  • Significantly constrained by bushfire or biodiversity controls
  • Have a width greater than 60m to a public road 


We provide you with a list of addresses that meet the criteria of this type of development and advise which site are for sale and off-market. 

You can use our buyer’s agent services to approach people who own the off-market sites and arrange a deal. 


We will undertake a Development Feasibility Study once a owner of a site expresses their interest to sell, saving you costs on engaging surveyors, engineers or the like prior to purchase. 

Developable is a client focused town planning and property development consultancy that specialises in local government solutions. We provide advice and reports to increase the likelihood of gaining development consent through local government and assist clients source new development sites through our spatial technology.