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Statement of Environmental Effects
Review of Environmental Factors
Development Feasibility Studies

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site inspections

Provide Formal Advice
Identify Approval Pathway
Identify DA Requirements
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DA Project Management & Lodgement

We manage the DA process from today until you receive a Notice of Determination. This includes management of all of the consultants required for your DA application, watching how much you spend, preparation of the town planning report, regular communication with Council and customer care. Read below for further details.

Work within your Budget

We understand that the cost of DA's are typically not cheap. We'll try to stay within your budget and make sure you're getting the best deals from other consultants that need to be involved in your application.

You're Provided with a Unique Portal to Keep Track of Everything We Do

Each client is provided with a unique URL so you can track emails being delivered in regards to your application, how much you've spent or required to spend and the progress of your DA. We pride ourselves in being transparent and want you to be informed as much as possible. An example of how this is tracked is provided below:
(Note: All links are clickable if you are a client so you can view PDF's, email contents etc)

Email Tracking

Application Tracking

Budget Management


We prepare the Statement of Environmental Effects, which is required with every DA by law. Read more about it by clicking here.

Site Inspection

Identify the existing opportunities and constraints of the site.
Confirm the controls that relate to the site and proposed development.
Provide advice that will assist the design of the proposal and prosperity of achieving a development consent.
An explanation of Council's development assessment procedures.

Liaison with Council

We will stay in touch with Council and regularly update with how Council is progressing with their assessment of your application.


Statement of Environmental Effects

Every development application (DA) must be submitted with a Statement of Environmental Effects under Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

The statement provides an assessment of the development proposal having regard to the relevant legislative context, social, economic and environmental impacts, potential amenity impacts of the development on the surrounding locality and the measures proposed within the application to mitigate such impacts.

Preparation of the report includes a site inspection, review of the accompanying documentation from other consultants and client sign-off, in the event the client requests a modification to the report, which will be completed at no extra cost.

Review of Environmental Factors

A Review of Environmental Factors is prepared for development that is permissible without consent under the land use table in a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). The purpose of this report is to examine the significance of likely environmental impacts of a proposal and the measures required to mitigate any adverse impacts to the environment.

This report must be prepared prior to the development taking place without consent.

Section 4.55 Modification to a Development Consent

Looking to further modify your existing consent or remove/alter a condition in your Notice of Determination?

We can prepare a report (Statement of Environmental Effects) to accompany the changes that you're proposing subject to compliance with the relevant planning instruments.

Review of a Determination

We assist clients who have had a negative experience with the DA process after receiving a refusal from Council. We look at where and how it went wrong, provide recommendations on how the application can be improved and prepare a report to support the amended proposal.

The review window is short, as the application must be determined within 6 months from when the application was refused/uploaded on the Planning Portal. Resubmitting the application under Section 8.2 of the EP&A Act is key to achieving success down this pathway.

Developable is a client focused town planning and property development consultancy that specialises in local government solutions. We provide advice and reports to increase the likelihood of gaining development consent through local government and assist clients source new development sites through our spatial technology. 

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